how do I put a search bar on my app?

I'm looking to add a search bar where a user can type in a search term and get redirected to a Google search page opened up in their browser on their phone.

so far, the closest I got was by adding a Custom Page component with HTML for a search bar in the source code. I chose to make it a 'list item with image' under 'Dashboard Appearance' in the style. When I download the app I can click on the list item and it takes me to a different page with the HTML search bar I created. the Search Bar works fine. what I would like to know is how to make the search bar appear in the initial layout:

I want an actual search bar that a user can tap and type in queries directly on the home screen of the app, without having to click the component that opens a separate page for them. any help or advise would be appreciated, thank you

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