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My RSS feeds aren't displaying the images associated with the articles in the feeds. It is only showing the generic RSS logo. Any fix?


  • The thumbnail images aren't showing up right.
  • @papi92 Right now the RSS activity uses the Media Feed specification ( when grabbing thumbnails. How is your feed sending the thumbnails in the XML?

    If you could send the URL of your feed we can look at it, and it may be possible to add support for the format that your feed is using.

  • I have also have a bug to report...  When a specific rss feed is updated my app doesn't load the new content.  And If a specific feed is deleted the app still shows the cashed feed until the internal cash is cleared.  

    Is There a way to turn caching rss feeds on or off during building?
  • @papi92 I looked at the feed here in Firefox: and I didn't see any images. Usually Firefox does a good job parsing feeds.. Looking at the source I see that there is an image in the XML item that is outside of the encoded content. The image doesn't appear to be a thumbnail (e.g. width 630 height 355) is this the image that you wanted to use? Does this feed follow an RSS specification? If so which one?

    @linuxnut79 The RSS feeds should refresh every so often when your user visits the activity, off the top of my head I forget how often. They can pull to refresh, or use the icon to refresh more often. The ability to turn off feed caching is something that we will look into, as we said before.

  • Yea I tried the pull down & button to refresh. But the only way to guarantee fresh RSS download is clear the cash data inside android
  • @linuxnut79 Correct. Refreshing does not clear the cash it simply downloads new items from the source.
  • But my problem is that even with refresing it still dose not pull the most recent revesion of that feed. I just have one feed that is updated very frequency. Literally minute by minute ...
  • @linuxnut79 If you can let me know the URL of your feed so that we can test it on our side. If the app refreshes and the XML is different then Andromo should display the new items.
  • @linuxnut79 When does the feed update? It appears to not have updated since March 5th. I'm guessing you would perhaps see a flurry (hah hah) of updates when there is a school closure....what we'd have to do is know when that feed is updating that rapidly and then see if the updates are making there way to Andromo, and then compare the RSS XML from minute to minute.

    The feed also specifies that it updates once per hour:
  • Yea it dosnt see much activity most of the year, but during winter season it gets very active very fast.
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