Open Web Page in android browser, not andromo one...

Title says it all, after the 3.0 update I havent been able to choose the target of my web page activities...  When the load in the andromo one, features dont work of course (Or I would use it...).  

So 3.0 made my app look much better!

Then broke half of it...

So any workaround?


  • No workaround that I know of. Even if you were allowed to switch on location as in the map activity it would help + if the webpage wants to open Google maps let it open the applicanion not just the web version which is knobbled anyway by not being allowed to determine your location.
  • I can open links from an rss feed in a separate browser, I just want to open ones from the main page in the android browser, I make a video watching app and the built in browser doesnt play the flash videos..  But the ones launched in the android browser from the rss feed work.
  • @gamesaviors Are you referring to the Website activity? I don't remember the option to select where a website opens when using that activity. I know we have that option in the RSS Activity but I don't believe that we ever had that option in the Website activity.

    We have looked into it in the past, that I remember.

  • No you have never had that option and I don't believe that there has ever been a  workaround in the Web activity.
    It is possible to open a browser from a Custom Page  Activity ( and presumably a html activity? )
    The problem with a custom page activity is that its a 2 stage process. Tap to open the activity then tap to open the link.
    Even that would not be too problematic for me if there was an easy way to produce a decent looking page.
    Unfortunately I don't know html (or much else for that matter :> )
    I can do simple stuff like insert <body bgcolor = "black"> and it works ok.
    A heads up on how to centre images would be much appreciated.
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    If you think about it HTML is really pretty simple. If you dissect it line by line, just like your example above.  How did you remember that just off the top of your head?  You already know you want to change the background color and you remembered the word bgcolor most likely.  The rest is usually the same structure, meaning you can copy/paste from some other html code you have written near your mouse pointer if you are working on a web page.  So, all you really need to remember are those simple words like, bgcolor, center, etc. and there aren't many others you would need.

    Just a quick google search pulled up this particular page.  and it answers all the basic questions.  You could even copy/past their examples then change them to suit your page.  

  • Thanks for the suggestions guys, I'll implement that workaround for now (even though as corrsea says, its a 2 step process).


    Is there any way to add this as a requested feature and implement kinda soon?  I just run a shortcut app basically for videos, and the 2 step process kinda defeats the purpose. 
  • @Turbomike.
    Thanks for the link.

    Agree that the option to open a browser would be good but also feel that a fully functioning simple browser activity would be the best option
    or even both (;
  • @gamesaviors I'll add it to the list of features to look into. And just to be clear, you were not able to accomplish this in Andromo previous to version 3.0, correct? Because you said that 3.0 broke half of your app I was wondering if there was part of your app that stopped functioning after the update? If there is let us know.
  • image


    But seriously, as Mark said, what changed for you with 3.0? If we broke something we wanna know. :)
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    lol @ lorne Your meme just made my day.
  • Hello,

    I found this thread and I have similar problem with my app.

    I'm using webview in Andromo.

    On IOS it is forbidden to open 3rd party affiliate links within the app/webview. I want to achieve to open these links in a safari, not in my app's webview. As expected target="_blank" doesn't work.

    Are there any solution?

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