1....It would be very handy to be able to add content to the settings menu of our apps.  (TERMS OF USE, PRIVACY POLICY, ANYTHING text based)

2.... I was thinking that if would be nice to have a Menu of Activities that slides out from the left of the screen when pressing on the LOGO on the top left of the main dashboard.  But Also having it on ALL the activities pages..

3... I was also thinking about streaming content online to our apps like shout-cast.  But have a shortcut icon available on the dashboards top right side.  Like a Play Icon..  if there is no shout-cast content then the icon can go away..

4...  If we could have an option to have background images and color selections to chose from ..  i tried the bground html code but no joy..

5..  also a larger icon in the middle of the screen to show loading content online .. some people dont notice the spinning icon top right and exit the app..  very annoying on slow 3g speeds.

6...  also to have the option of loading a HTML archive file on startup instead of the dashboard..  or online content...  for web based websites to apps.

7...  also it would be nice to have nested pages into the menus.  Example ..  
>>Main Dashboard With List Of Departments
>>>Department Dashboard
>>>>> Dashboard With List Of activities
>>>>>>> Activities 

thanks guys 
Vry good work on Version 3 ..  congrats..


  • I agree with what linuxnut79 has suggested here.

    I would especially like to second his point number 7. Nesting would be very very helpful.
  • I have an idea too.....be able to batch upload photo to photogallery....its really annoying when you have to upload one at a time..very tedious
  • oh and the ability to set whether the app can only be in landscape mode or upright you know what i mean
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