Some help needed

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I like the new design and use for one project the type "LIST"

This allows me to use a wide description, which can have even two lines.
My app needs English AND Chinese. It works fine, but would be even better if I could make it in two lines. Is there a character that I can insert into the Description to get a new line? Is there a character that I can insert to get a tab in that new line?

In Portrait mode I use a 512x512 logo on top and use fit to image, but the banner is on top left. How can I set it to cover the entire screen wide?

I use a SINGLE Youtube video, but could not figure out how to set it with YouTube activity. As a web activity it would work, but to click "back" would just load the web activity again and not bring me back to the dashboard. Any ideas how to solve that?

What is the best activity to use for Google+ ?

How can I add  Weibo and QQ  (China equivalent to Facebook and Twitter)?


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