anyone alive here - ? andromo? background colors?

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i added the css to the custom page to make the background black. It does not stay. Check it out..... how do i make it all black on the custom page


  • I've been wanting to do this for a while now also. Its a lost course. I began using the zip activities. I was able to decompile enough of the apk to get the full HTML file used in the normal custom page and use this as a template. Its not very user friendly and streamlined as the web based way. But u have full control. And its stored in the apk.
  • If you want to change the background colour in a custom page I suggest you try using inline CSS:

    I've used it because and it seems to work just fine:

  • i just tried the inline css and it dosent work..  @Mark ..  can you post a snipet of the code you used to change the background?
  • @linuxnut79 Simply edit the source of your Custom Page (source button in the top left of the toolbar) and then enter in something similar to the at the top of your page (or your new page)

        <style type="text/css">
        }    </style>

  • Here is a quick example I made showing how it can work:

  • Let us say tanks to Mark for this great info.
  • Let's just say Mark has done us a serious favor by sharing this secret. I have surfed so many sites to try make it and no html worked after saving...

    Thanks Mark!
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