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I would like to suggest Andromo to include a source code download option (just like what Buzztouch offers) in addition to generating the APK itself.

This would allow us to quickly create our apps in Andromo, download the source code and then customize it further such as adding other ad networks. Most ad networks require us to integrate the SDK and this can only be done via the source code.


  • While making the source code available for download isn't something that we are planning on doing int he near future, we have just release version 3.0.6 of Andromo with a new ad network. Check it out:
  • I too would like to have this.
  • Hey,
    LOVE Andromo.
    I was a programmer in the distant past - GW Basic, Turbo Pascal, some assembly. Then I got into other things and no I know no modern programming languages, and I dont have the time to learn them.

    So, finding Andromo was just brilliant for me. It offers all the basics that one could want. And then if you know a little about computers and want to raise your game, you start getting ideas!

    I would definitely upgrade my subscription if Andromo could add:
    1. Search function
    2. Splash page
    3. Source code download

    Thanks for a great product. Fingers crossed that it will grow further!

    Warm wishes

  • Would also really like source code downloads 
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