Hey guys, I know you do great work with andromo and I love andromo.

Has anyone looked into a feature for disabling cashing of selected RSS feeds?

I have an app the depends on this feature. Its rss bug is only noticed about 7 days in a year, but in those 7 days its the up-most priority to get the most up to the second and current RSS feed as possible.

Thanks developers.


  • @linuxnut79 We have this in our list of features to look into, and we will. It's not as simple as it seems from the outside given that Andromo uses an internal database for feed caching and data retrieval. Making one part optional while keeping the rest of the functionality is not a trivial task.

    There also has not been a lot of requests for this feature and a LOT of requests for some other features (like new Ad networks) and we tend to focus our efforts on things that most people want and/or things that will make the biggest impact.


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