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I would like to see push notification, WAY simpler than today


  • @roadtoriches What do you mean? Integrating AirBop into Andromo is relatively straightforward. What part are you having issues with?

  • Well, I got an email from AirBop and I began the process, but was soon faced with a large number of code to be installed in Andromo and finally the apk file should be installed as well.  It was very complex.  I dropped it finally… 
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    @roadtoriches If you are adding AirBop to Andromo you do not need to write any code, you simply need to add the correct IDs to your Andromo project, just like adding AdMob or Tapgage. Information on how to do this can be found here: http://support.andromo.com/kb/common-questions/airbop-push-message-notifications

    If you are writing your Android app in Java from scratch then you will need to write code, but not when using Andromo.

  • Thank you!  I will give this a shot.


  • Well, it appears I had already done what was needed to be done, with the exceptions that I never skipped step 5 and got myself pretty confused and I never used the Java Package Name already given in my settings, but my app still doesn’t register with Airbop.  I already have my Airbop App Key and the Secret, but in the Airbop Message tab it says I still need to be ”sending some device registrations to us” and I cannot send any messages.  

    Where did I go wrong here?

    Thank you for your help.


  • Hi Patrik,

    The first thing I would do is checkout the following knowledge base article which describes things to check in this situation:


    Also make sure that you install and run the app at least once since the registration with AirBop occurs when the app is run on the device.

  • Thanks Darryl,

    Went through the list and found GCM for Android in Google Apis unselected.  Darn!  I knew I selected it, but still Airbop doesn’t take my registration.  What else can I do?  I have run the app.

  • It worked!  I’m registered!!  Must have been that Android in Google Apis was unselected.  Now I’m going to try to send a message. 
  • The message appears in the menu on the top and in the drop down menu, but when I select it, it then vanish.  The first words of the message appears in the drop down menu, but the message gets lost.  If I have a Target URL that page opens, but no message.  Any idea?
  • @roadtoriches I'm not sure what you are seeing but here is a link to some general Android Notification information: http://developer.android.com/guide/topics/ui/notifiers/notifications.html
    and here: http://support.google.com/android/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=1638355

    It sounds as though the notifications are being displayed in the standard Android manner. You need to swipe downwards to open up the notification area, and then you can view your notification message.

  • Hi Mark!

    Yes, that is understood.  The notification is dispelled with a small cloud.  When I swipe down I see my logo and the initial words in the message, but when I tap the message it vanish and so vanish the notification.  If I have a Target Url added to the message the url opens, but still no message.

  • Hi Patrick,

    Yes that is by design, and the way notifications work in general. Your message is displayed in the notification list and then when the notification is clicked it is activated. In your case the URL or your Andromo app is opened. After that the notification is removed from the list.
  • Marc,

    Nothing activates if there is no url and if there is a url then only the url displays and never the message.  If there is no url nothing displays. 
  • The message is only displayed in the notification list. When you click on the notification you will be sent to your URL target. You can open your Andromo app by using the Andromo protocol:


    As discussed in this knowledge base article: http://support.andromo.com/kb/common-questions/airbop-push-message-notifications
  • mark,

    Alright.  I get that.  
    • Do nothing, 
    • Open a Web site or 
    • Open an Activity in my app, 
    but….why then do we have the option to write 3966 characters with even a title if only three word of that displays?
  • It's the maximum size allowed by Google for GCM message bodies. Also AirBop can be used in other types of Android apps, not just Andromo Android apps. So if you were writing your app from scratch you might want all of that text.

    Finally on later versions of Android the notification item expands to show more text.

  • Thank you!

  • How late of android models or what models allow you to expand the  notification message Mark? I have a note 3 and I still cant expand messages. Other than this Roadtoriches asked every question about the push notifications I would have. If this is still an Issue on every make of android it would be great if this can be resolved. Sadly without being able to actually open a notification message, that alone takes away half the reason of using of using push notification. 
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    Without url, nothing gets displayed. So there must be a URL. If there is no url nothing displays. Refer more from: Learn android push notification from here. Actually every device is registered with google and by using google play services library push notification is sent. 

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