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How do I go about updating my app in Google Play after I update in Andromo? 


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    You can find a knowledge base article about updating an existing app at the link below:


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    Groovy!  That worked, but how come I don’t get a notification from Google that there is an update to download, like I get from the other apps?
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    You'll only get that for apps that you installed from Google Play. If you originally installed the app from the email that was sent to you by Andromo when you built the app, then your installation wasn't known to Google Play.

    If you want the notification next time, you need to uninstall your app from your device and then install the previous version from Google Play, before you update the new version of the app in Google Play.

    Generally, that notification isn't something you'll see very often for your own apps since as a developer you're always installing and testing the apps before you upload them to Google Play. :)
  • lorne,

    I guessed.  However, I uninstalled the app and downloaded from Google Play just to test that the version 1.0.4 had updated and then I made another update to 1.0.5 hours ago and still got no update from Google Play.  I don’t have automatic updates and still run v. 1.0.4

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    Sometimes it takes more than 12-24 hrs from what I've seen...even if the update is sitting there ready on Google Play.  You can use Google Developer Console to see what version your users are on.  It shows the update in the timeline there, marked by a gray circle.  Hover over it for more info.

    Sometimes my phone will update a full day before my wife's with the same app.
  • turbomike,

    You’re absolutely right.  The next day I was delighted to see the update alert.  

    Thank you all.  This has been a good thread.  Now we’re just going to figure out why I can only send three words in my messages: http://forums.andromo.com/discussion/512/push-notification#Item_13 and I’m all set for this time.
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