Andromo 3.0.7 Release

Hey Everyone, just a quick not to let you know that we have released Andromo 3.0.7 so go build and have fun with the new additions:
  • Added the Pingjam caller ID ad network. Sign up for your free Pingjam account, enable the settings on, and increase the monetization potential of your apps!
  • Added the ability to show ads on the dashboards. This feature is
    enabled in all projects (new and old) by default and can be adjusted on
    the Dashboard tab when editing your app.
  • Fixed a bug where the Unicode ‘object replacement character’
    (U+FFFC) was being displayed in place of missing images in Podcast
  • Made it so the PDF activity offers to download Adobe Reader from the
    Amazon Appstore on a Kindle Fire instead of from Google Play.
  • Made it so the Google Play activity automatically redirects to the Amazon Appstore on a Kindle Fire (if possible).




  • Nice! Thanks for fixing the podcasts, and for the new Kindle Fire functionality! I'd been using a web page activity to go to the Amazon Appstore, and this will be tons better!
  • I've been trying to get the Google Play activity to work on my Kindle Fire, and it gives an error "Unable to open market link." I've tried both formats that Amazon recommends (



    Neither worked.

  • Thanks for adding banners on the Dashboard. This was something I missed the most. My custom app had AdMob banners on Dashboard from the start and it makes a HUGE difference. Thanks again.
  • @tholyoak Try just adding your Google Play link, internally the app will translate it to the Amazon link on a kindle and the Google Play link on an regular Android device.
  • Thanks, that works great! Now if there was just a way for the Kindle to skip over the Airbop stuff, I wouldn't have to have separate versions for Amazon and Google at all... :)
  • @mark Hi! So we can basically just leave the Google Play activity as it is and publish the app on Amazon Store? When I first did this, I got a notice from Amazon, that I need to change my links, so I used weblinks.

    If I understand this correctly, now I can leave the Google Play activity with a link pointing to Google Play (I have links to my other apps), and Amazon will automatically convert this link?

  • @tholyoak Great I'm glad it worked. AirBop is more complicated since it's baked into Andromo and not just a string, but it's on our list.

    @hendrixs Yup, just add a Google Play activity like you normally would, and Andromo will translate it on a kindle automatically for you.
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