A Different Kind of Ad Platform: Pingjam Caller ID Ads

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We’ve added an interesting new revenue stream for our developers in Andromo 3.0.7: you can get paid for including the Pingjam caller ID ad service in your app.

What are caller ID ads?

A caller ID ad is a small ad that is shown along with the caller ID information in the phone dialer app on the user’s device.

The basic concept is simple: when Pingjam is enabled on a device, a
small ad may be shown when the user places a phone call. These ads only
appear when making calls to (or receiving calls from) specific business
phone numbers, and only if the ad is relevant to the call.

As a nice side effect, your users will also benefit by having free
caller ID information if they didn’t have caller ID service already.

You get paid for the number of active installs

Pingjam pays $5/month for every 1000 active app installs in the USA and Canada (or $1 elsewhere).

Note that your revenue is based on how many active installs you have,
and not whether your users see or click on any of the ads. You get paid
regardless of whether your app was used during the month. In essence,
Pingjam pays you for distributing their service.

Your users have the choice

Your users are asked if they want to enable the Pingjam caller ID ads the first time they run your app.

If the user chooses not to accept the caller ID ads, your app will
run normally and they will not be asked again unless they reinstall the
app. Your app will operate the same either way.

The users can also enable or disable the ads at any time from the settings menu in the app.

According to Pingjam, the addition of the caller ID service does not impact install rates at all:

We have proven this by running extensive tests on
hundreds of thousands of installs and dozens of apps. The results were
conclusive – install rates are unchanged and uninstall rates aren’t

Free as in…ads about beer

There is no additional charge to include Pingjam in your app. Simply sign up for a free account at www.pingjam.com, and enable Pingjam Caller ID Ads on the Monetization tab in your Andromo project settings.

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