Anyone here making any serious money with Andromo apps?

Hi guys,

I have so far 5 Andromo apps (the latest was released yesterday), and about 7.800 total active installs. These apps net about $20 per month. I also have Amazon Store and a few affiliate links for some products in my apps, but I've never managed to sell anything from the app itself.

So, I'd just like to ask, if there is anyone here, who is making more serious sums of money from their apps? I'd be already happy if I made between $25 and $50 per day.



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    @hendrixs That's fantastic. I think you will reach your goals quickly.

    I only want to chime in because I feel some others need hope. I'm not rich yet, but I earn enough to have recently quit my day job that was making $15/hr. Please don't look at this as bragging.  I'm very vocal on these forums for a reason.  I like helping others when I can, in my own way.  That's just me...I'm pretty much an open book and probably too honest for my own good sometimes.  Anyway...
    Affiliate links make around $100 to $150/mo
    Tapgage in the last 20 days so far = $200+
    Admob doesn't agree with a few of my apps, but the last time I ran their ads I made $417 in 14 days. Twice!
    Pro version upgrade sales are in the $400/mo range currently.
    When I was using admob in-house ads to promote upgrades, sales were as high as $900/mo.

    There's a few other things I do but those are the basics. I see posts on these forums where people are reluctant to run ads or even promote a full version/ad-free app. It kills me to see people only making free apps...  I've told everyone I formerly worked with, my family and friends exactly how to make money with Andromo, but most would rather use their backs instead of their brains. Oh well. :(   They think they aren't smart enough to make apps and I explain that all I'm doing is filling in blanks and clicking buttons.  Still...only 1 person has taken me serious and has made some stunning apps himself. 

    Just this morning my ex-wife told me, "Making apps is a job for teenagers, loser!"
    I personally don't know many teenagers that make just under 2k/mo in their sleep.  The digital age is here.  Embrace it or get left in the dust.

    It gets better every single day. Just keep at it and don't listen to the naysayers (or ignorant ex-wives).  I have just under 100 apps so far and right now I'm just going back to each one to polish them off.  Andromo got me out of a dead end job and I could not be more grateful.  For $99/'s easily one of the best decisions I have ever made in my entire life at a very young 38yrs old. ;)

  • @turbomike, Thank you very much for sharing your story. You are already there where I want to be some day! :)

    I won't ask you to reveal your apps, but I'd just like to ask you what kind of affiliate links do you use? I have two content rich apps - one is about sleeping better and another about healthy foods for various stuff. I use Amazon's aStore in both and ClickBank affiliate products in the "sleep" app. However, I failed to make any sales so far.

    My other 3 apps are "just for fun" apps - cartoons (this one is doing better than expected), funny video clips (doing worse, than expected), and yesteday I released a ringtone app. These apps don't feature any affiliate links, only AdMob banners and links to my other apps (for cross promotion).

    Also, did you ever use any kind of paid promotion? I once used AppsZoom, when they offered free $50 if you signed up with them as a developer (however, this isn't available anymore), and I was able to promote all my apps. I had great success with this (propelling downloads for one of the apps from 25/day to 300/day), but later on, when I decided to invest $50 on my own, the results were much worse (they said it's a beta and changed their ads to CPI and so on). Anyway, I've also read a lot about other people's experiences with advertising on AdMob etc., and as far as I can tell, usually an installation costs between $0,25 and $0,50. I can't afford that yet.

    How long did it take for you to go from 0 to $2k per month?

    If you are OK with it, can I send you a link to my apps? Don't worry, I won't bother you by asking endless questions, I'd just very much appreciate your opinion about my apps (are they goods, bad, or just plain ugly). :)

    I will probably now implement Tapgage, too.

    Thanks and have a nice day!
  • im just chiming in with..turbomike thats pretty impressive compared to what im making now, i can only hope to make that much in given time. im just curious to the last people, are you guys doing any HTML in your app? i ask because im so not great with it myself and is wondering is that what helps you bring in some higher revenue?..thanks for the comments on hete too
  • Hi hurycane,

    I have HTML in some of my apps, but with only very basic layouts.

    The most money will be brought if you manage to make an app that people will use regularly and that will attract many downloads. But that's far easier said than done. :)

    I'm currently updating all my apps (that don't have e-commerce stores in them) to show banners on the Dashboard and Interstitials. But since interstitials are quite intrusive, I hope they will bring some money. :)
  • I joined andromo 4 months back and making only around $30 - $40 per month.
    Definitely I would like to know more how make over the amount I am making.
    @turbomike you an inspiration and hope to can share your journey
    Your tips will be helpful to many

    Thank you
  • That's not bad. How many apps do you have?
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    See the below post, thanks.
  • What kind of apps do you find to be most successful?

    I've done a
    ringtone app, but it is averaging only about 20-40 DL/day. I didn't try a
    wallpaper app yet, but I'm thinking about it. What about quote apps?

    had by far the most success with an app which is centered around best
    foods (currently averaging 600 DL/day) for certain goals (weight loss,
    flat abs) or conditions (diabetes, skin problems,...). It is even
    outdoing my custom made Memory Training game (which cost $750 - after a
    lot of negotiations, the original price was well over $1000).
  • @hendrixs It's the power of Andromo! Custom native apps that are very well coded and designed (if I do say so myself) that can even out perform apps made by consultants.
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    @mark Yeah, I must say that your apps are 10x better quality, than my custom made app. Andromo apps are super stable and I have almost 0 crash problems.

    Anyway, people, join in and tell us what makes YOU money! :)
  • @hendrics That's good to hear. We put a lot of effort into the underlying Android code and I think (totally biased here) that Andromo developers get access to really solid code at a really good deal, $8.25 a month if you buy the yearly plan.

    And (since this is a money thread) I also think that it's pretty easy to make that $8.25 back a month and turn a profit.

  • @mark Yeah, I'm very grateful to you guys. Your product has just the right mix of everything - it's easy to use (yet is has more than enough options for all my needs) and it's affordable. I've tried just about every web-based app developing service out there and none suits me as good as Andromo.
  • For what it's worth, I have a bunch of niche apps. Some are free (using Admob ads), some are paid. Some of them have done very well, and some have done very poorly. One app has a free version and a paid version, and I actually get more from the ads than I do from sales.

    One thing that might be helpful - I actually make quite a bit more from Amazon and B&N than I do from Google. There are at least a couple possible reasons for this - Amazon and B&N market apps a lot more aggressively, and there are fewer apps in the niche I've targeted.
  • @tholyoak Thanks for sharing! My apps are doing poor on Amazon but it's cool to know you've find success with niche apps. Are you maybe in the food niche? This seems quite popular at the moment.
  • @hendrixs I've been using for affiliate links with some measure of success.  Usually, just when I want to give up on a promotion...a sale/lead comes through.  You are on the right track. I'll eventually try those that you have been using as well.  Most days I get around 3k clicks but sales/leads are rare.  I always look for mobile websites and even other mobile apps on CJ. I've been using a simple dashboard button/website activity.  This morning Tapgage found a bug and fixed my in-house interstitial ads that weren't working and I got a $10 lead in the first couple of hours.  Could get real interesting... has a very inexpensive advertising system. Easy to use.  For around 40 bucks, I got nearly a million banner views and tons of clicks(free app).  It was right around Black Friday and again near Christmas.  The 3rd time I tried, their traffic was much lower.  For the price, I think it's worth a shot.  Be sure to make a thread under your paid promotion.  List other apps not shown on the banner etc.  Sometimes you'll get good feedback and constructive criticism that you can't put a price on.

    I mentioned in another post on the forums that Facebook was a real eye opener.  The stats gave me new ideas and helped me understand the mindset of the average user.

    I built a Super Bowl app the night before the game and made $150 in admob advertisements overnight.  The app is dead in the water now, but took less than 4 hours to complete.  I'll take that as a positive.

    If you want to link your apps here I would love to see them.  Honestly though... if you looked at my apps, you would not be impressed.  The ones that I think are going to take off, usually never do.  I look at it a lot like fishing...keep on casting and eventually you'll get a bite or two.  Some of mine are downright embarrassing hah. They don't function right because of Flash issues like automatic screen orientation resetting the game.  Moving from portrait to landscape etc. 

    Right now the biggest problem I have is uninstalls (a good problem to have, right?).  I had one app that was getting 10k installs every day for nearly a month.  It finally settled at 3k a day now, but apparently the app is too complicated to use with only 2 activities haha. People that understand it, love it. Most people don't seem to take the time to figure it out. I've used every available means possible (4000 character limit, video tutorial etc.) and still get 2000 to 2500 uninstalls daily.  Even people leaving positive feedback are laughing at the ridiculous 1 star feedback I keep getting, "doesn't work" etc.  I don't want to do it, but I think there needs to be a video tutorial link within the app itself.  A sort of pop-up tutorial for first time users would be even better.  Maybe I'll post a request. :)  A simple .jpg would suffice for now.

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    Tapgage update.  Tapgage is currently on about 12 apps so far.  I'm working like crazy trying to get all these new Andromo features added.  It's a good problem to have.  :)
  • PingJam.  It has been on 4 apps all month. 2 of those apps are fairly busy.  Today I added another 15 or so but they haven't reported anything yet.
  • @turbomike Thanks for sharing your experiences!

    I haven't tried yet, only Amazon Stores, but as I said, no sales so far. But what I've noticed that works quite good is adding translations for my apps - it helps to drive the traffic, but on the other hand, some users complain that the app itself is not in their language.
  • With the methods I'm using for monetization, admob and 2 other methods, a little different to what some may be doing, I'm now at a consistent $10 a day usually, and I suspect when I reach 100 apps, it'll be $40+! or more a day. 

    Don't know if everyone experiences the same but on weekends everything doubles, both downloads and income. So If I'm doing (currently), 1000-1200 downloads per day, on the weekends I do 2000-2400 downloads and around $20 in income both sat and sunday. Fridays are a little higher but not much more.

    Anyway, what I'm getting at is if you have ways to push promotions to people, try to target saturday or sunday, and if you must choose one, go for sundays. 

    I've been at this now half a month, and have made a total of around $170 which is nice :). Looks like my first month is going to end at $320+. 

    The above income is made up from two monetization methods, one being admob and the other being my own little experiment which turned out profitable (not tapgage or any of the other monetization methods within the monetization area). 

    The third has to be done on specific days and a lot less (as it's promotion), but after month 1 with my current user base I'll be doing $100-150 per promotion, and I plan to do those 10-15 times a month. So an extra $1,000-$2,225 a month ontop of the above. That'll keep doubling each month that passes too ;)
  • @lookzor Hello! My downloads are the same over the weekend. :) But it's good to hear your apps are in such a "niche" that drivers extra downloads during the weekends.
  • Thanks hendrixs. I've just had the first idiot who is buying negative reviews on one of my APPs and positive reviews for his APP. He released it only 2 days ago and it has 20 positive reviews, when I released it weeks ago and it only got a few positive reviews within those weeks, which tells me he is buying fake positive reviews.

    Mine overnight has just received 8 negative reviews, all the same day.

    I've e-mailed him to stop or I will report him. Stupid malicious methods to rank above his opponents, and unfortunately it works. It's cheap to do too. Like $0.50 per positive/negative review or $0.75 for a positive/negative rating with an actual worded review.

    I will play fire with fire if reporting him doesn't work.
  • @lookzor That definitely sucks, but it's good that you know who it is. I hope Google will do something about it.

    I'm off to work on my next app - I have way too little of them. ;)
  • Well after e-mailing him, all of a sudden I've lost 5 negative reviews from the 10 total that I had, after he e-mailed me back saying he hadn't bought any negative reviews? Bit of a coincidence? ;) He's a liar and knows hes been caught.

    Yeah you could use more. With the sort of APPs you can make with andromo, you shouldn't spend too much time in development because what you can produce is very limited, unless you're extremely talented with the HTML activity and can produce good graphics/ideas.

    Choose a type of APP, research 100's of different categories for that style of APP. So if you're doing a wallpaper APP, one for cars, one for butterflies and so forth.. nothing huge, just 10-20 pictures or less using the sizing I recommended :) Once you reach 'X' amount of APPs or you're happy with the income level, find ways to improve the income by tweaking, and update APPs with more so that they keep consistent downloads.

    The only way you could make a one size fits all APP for wallpapers would be to make an APP that list all the different categories but doesn't hold the pictures in the APP, but rather they are uploaded online, and you can download a pack from your phone for a certain category, allowing you to have hundreds, thousands or millions. This is doable with andromo but ALOT of work. It'd be much better to have one from scratch made to specifically do this. 

    Same for any other type of APP you can make with andromo. You're better focusing on very targeted niche with tons of categories. 

    You know mine but I'd rather not list it here, but all these other ones work well with andromo:

    FAN APPs. This is news, twitter, facebook, updates, or more on anything, people like a central hub they can use to find out the latest and greatest on their favourite 'thing'. (celebs, singers, movies, games etc..)

    Quote APPs (celeb quotes, historian quotes, love quotes, life quotes, brainy quotes, depressing quotes, funny quotes and so on..)

    Recipe APPs. You can do meals for two recipes, meals for one, release several APPs on English foods. One covers one category of English foods, and other APPS different ones.

    Lyric APPs (self explanatory, band or singer lyrics)

    Wallpaper APPs

    Music / episode playlists APP or different types using youtube. I don't know if you know this but you can create your own playlists and list the feed, rather than finding a username and having to display all their videos rather than the ones you would like :)

    Ebook APPs

    Self-Help APPs (like ebooks but it includes more than just an ebooks, using other activities)

    News HUB Apps For Events. Both sporting and any other types. Football leagues, concerts and so forth... Infact if a concert is coming up you can provide news for everyone and then with an affiliate link have the website activity linking to affiliate ticket sales.

    Radio APPs

    Tons more but with the above options you could create 1000's of APPs from just each one! 

    A little common sense research to find out what's popular so you don't pick things that wont get downloaded and you're good to go. I like to use the Google keyword tool for some form of analytics.

    Even then, sometimes you have to just throw mud on the wall and see waht sticks. I recently made an APP that took me an hour to do and that whole hour I was thinking, "man I'm wasting my time on this specific 'Category' and it doesn't seem that popular..." there's no other APP for it. 

    Turns out that it now gets 500+ installs per day, and I filled a gap that needed filling because noone else had provided an APP for it :D

    It's both a numbers game, and quality. Try to find a method in which you can make quality APPs, but still keep the process of creating these APPs to a minimum. 

    Either that or create simple versions of what you want to create to see initial response, and if it seems popular, build upon it. 

    Both work :)
  • @lookzor Hi! Your post contains a ton of useful info, thanks.

    I've made one ringtone app, it has limited success at the moment, but I'll definitely try to do quotes and wallpaper apps as well. Recipe apps is also something I was thinking about.

    Btw, It's good to hear you've caught the guy who was intentionally leaving bad reviews. There is nothing worse than investing a lot of time and energy into an app and then see it get smashed by unfair tactics.

    I'm firing up my Google Keyword tool now, let's see what my next app will be about. ;)
  • Hi, I've just released my 10th app, and now I'm thinking about creating some wallpaper/ringtone/fan app. Does anyone here have any experience with those? Are they worth doing? Thanks.
  • Hi Friends

    Appreciate the tips you shared here.
    What keyword tools are you using to make an app?
    Is Tapgage a good way to monetize?
  • @lookzor @hendrixs both of you gave a boost to carry on with my app creation.
    Thank you very much for the tips.
    @lookzor what monetization methods you use other than admo and Tapgage
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    @freeappzone: nice to hear that. :) Just make sure you make Google Play TOS compliant apps. They are now more strict than ever. But if you play by the rules, the financial prospects are still great for everyone who gets started. Good luck!
  • @hendrixs thank you.
    What monetization method you using.
    I also trying to promote at Amazon App store too.
    Hoping to target an income of $50 to $100 per day.
    I just read Google is making more than $691 per second amazing
  • @freeappzone: Just AdMob (banners / interstitials) on default settings. I didn't use any advertising so far.

    50 USD or 100 USD per day is definitely doable, but it will take time and a lot of work. I believe this can be achieved in 6 months or so.
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