Active/Total Install ratio, whats good?

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What is considered a good active/total install ratio? Was just looking in my Google Play developer account at my numbers and the thought occurred to me, so I figured I would ask here and see what people thought.


  • Hi!

    I guess it depends from the type of app. 60% of users of my gaming and "health" app leave the apps installed, while some other apps are retained for 50%, or even 40%.

    Hope this helps.
  • For my apps I think that 50% is a good ratio over the long run, although my apps may perform poorly so who knows. But to me what's more important then that ratio is end user engagement, so how much are those that leave the app installed using it. You could have 100% of all your users keeping your app but if 0% actually use the app it won't matter. That number is of course harder to measure, but analytics can help.
  • 50% is  good going  but my biggest earner has only around 25% retention,
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