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Andromo 3.0.8 Released

edited May 2013 in Announcements
Andromo App Maker for Android version v3.0.8 has been released.

Here is the list of changes in this version:

  • Added the MobPartner ad network providing CPA banner ads.
  • Enabled AdMob Smart Banners that choose an appropriate banner size based on the size and orientation of the device.
  • Made it so banner ads are fixed in place and do not disappear when a list is scrolled.
  • Made it so banner ads no longer slide away after 30 seconds in landscape mode, except on Photo and Flickr activities.
  • Fixed an issue with quotation marks (“) in activity descriptions/subtitles.
  • Added support for developer?id= links in the Google Play activity
    (including automatic translation to an Amazon Appstore search link on a
    Kindle Fire).

Andromo App Maker for Android v3.0.8 is now live at

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