A Few Questions.

I had a few questions for the Andromo Team as well as anyone els!

1) Any way to add a splash screen?
2) Android is powerful with their widgets concept, is there new update that will be coming that would make it easy for us andromo users to create android widgets with our apps?
Andromo Rocks. Really great work, but i a few of these concepts would be pretty awesome.


  • 1. Splash screens are discouraged on Android, they're only supposed to be used when launching the app would take a long time, which is rare unless you're building a game that needs to perform a lot of calculations (e.g. procedurally generating level data). The way Android manages apps makes it so you would see splash screens rarely, if ever, for normal apps.

    2. We don't have any immediate plans to add widget support but it is on our list of suggestions. So I wouldn't expect anything in the near future, but something in the distant future is a possibility.

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