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I am using the phone activity and trying to set it up to dial the number including the extension number EG: 64 7 3495940 ext 707
I use: +64 7-349-5940,,707
The commas are to pause the phone system then dial the ext. It is what I have used in the past but now it ignores the commas and the ext number and just dials the main number.

Any ideas on how I could set this up???



  • Hi,

    I am looking into the problem in our code and I believe that I have figured out the problem for our next release. That doesn't help you right of course, but in the mean time you might want to try replacing your commas with: %2C

    So instead of sending: +64 7-349-5940,,707 try sending: 6473495940%2C%2C707 and see if that solves your problem.  The issue related to the way the data is sent internally and I believe that it needs to be URL encoded, so you might want to use this page when composing your numbers:

    If you do try it out please let me know how it works.


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