Pingjam experience

After several days using Pingjam I wanted to know how is your experience with it?

I have been using it , but for now I have earned a couple of box, that´s it.



  • Hi,

    I haven't tried it yet. Did you get any complaints from users about the pop-up?

  • Actually no, but I had an app that was rising up very fast in download, and when I did use pingjam, it decresead the downloads, and I don´t know if it was pingjam or was just coincidence.

  • Good to hear, that users didn't mind the pop-up screen, thanks for sharing the experience.

    I guess it was just coincidence, because probably they would let you know, if it bothered them.

  • I made my first $5 bucks.  I can't tell any difference in app download volume since I started with PingJam.  Good stuff.
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