Better looking screen for shoutcast playback

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Maybe I am missing something obvious or maybe its just not possible, but is there any way to put images or text on the shoutcast playback page.  
(I actually have an Icecast server but the sound works perfectly - I haven't tested it switching from a live broadcast to AutoDJ yet, as I know web based players struggle with this)

Anyway, on to my main query.  I know there is a background image option, but I have not included that yet in my initial test built, as I just wanted to make sure the radio would play, so I am in effect looking at a white screen with the play button on it, and the advertising banner at the bottom  (which is the only thing giving the screen any colour, apart from my logo)

I would like to be able to put a list of what shows are coming up each day, changing on a daily basis, possibly including code that highlights the current playing show  (which could be worked out either by monitoring the tags of the incoming stream, or simply by the time).   I would like to have a display that shows the time a program starts, followed by a small icon for the show, then the shows name.   The highlighting of the current show would be a bonus but not essential, as I know it would mean more coding.

Is this at all possible ?

Alternatively could some kind of animated graphic equalizer be shown...anything to stop that screen being just a play / stop / pause button with a static picture there.   

Thanks for any help

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