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I've asked this in private from a pre-existing request I had not long ago, but I'm also going to ask the members here who have made them or perfected them.

I'm testing out making lots of different type of apps. Now I'm onto trying wallpaper APPs. However I'm stuck, because all Android phones have different ratios, and I know to make the screenshots fit across all 3 screens on the android you need to grab the mobile screen width and height and x the width by 1 and times the height by 2.

For example, my mums samsung has a 240x320 screen, which means I need a 480x320 screenshot to fit her mobile. Now in my APP I could display buttons based on the main mobile screen sizes so that users get the right screenshot, but it would be too many to try and have one for all the different types.

So I'm asking what are the main resolutions I'm looking at to cover most mobile screens? Or is there only a select few sizes?

Would be nice to hear some input from someone who has played around with this :)


  • @lookzor Interesting question, I hope you get an answer from someone with experience. :)

    But until then, here are my 2 cents - I've seen a lot of popular wallpaper apps, which are made only for Samsung Galaxy S2 / S3 / Note / Note 2 and some other popular phones. Maybe you could do a "niche" wallpaper app.
  • Hey,

    Done a bit more research and here's what I found.

    If you don't want scrolling images just upload the images with the exact width and height of the mobile. If you want them to scroll you need to do the above as said which is x the width by 2 and keep the height the same.

    The three most popular resolutions to use are: 240x320, 320x480 and 480x800. 

    You'll cover most devices with those. However, I've seen many APPs that adjust the wallpapers according to the device so that it fits the screen exactly. 

    At the moment I'm going to choose to make 3 different galleries for all 3 main resolutions, but andromo should definitely work on having the APP fit the wallpaper according to the mobile device screen.

    Just my 2 cents.

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  • @lookzor That's fantastic! You are selling apps or is this money from AdMob?
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  • @lookzor Thanks for sharing, that's cool!
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