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The app is designed to show a picture - tap on the picture and a quote shows up - tap on same picture - different quote shows up---I do not know what activity to choose to create this. Please Help


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    That exact behaviour would only be possible in Andromo if you programmed it in a web page using HTML5 or javascript and displayed that webpage using a Website or HTML Archive activity. Andromo doesn't have any activity that can change the quote when you tap a photo.

    You could show the photos using the Photo activity, and put the quote in
    the translucent caption box that hovers over the photo. If you put a
    photo for each quote (whether it's the same image or different ones is
    up to you), you could let the user swipe left and right from one quote
    to the next. That might be a neat way to do it.

    You could also show photos and quotes using About activities, which let you show photos and text, but the quote wouldn't change when you tap the photo, and the user would need to navigate between the activities themselves.

    The other alternative would be doing this in a custom native Android app, which requires Java programming knowledge and learning how to program on Android. The Android programming tools are free, and the app you're describing isn't that complicated logically, but it would take a lot of study and effort to get to the point where you could do it properly.
  • yes use the caption or put the quote writ large on the images.  JavaScript will do a bit of what you want.  i keep making to learn it but not had time yet.  ps javascript isn't the same as java which is much more complex...
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