If I deleted a project, would the app associated with it will be affected?

I am confused that what will happen to the app associated with a project if I deleted the project.


  • If you have an app already distributed with Andromo, and then you delete the project in Andromo, the app will continue to work as usual, however you will never be able to update that app again.

    Hope that helps.

  • The app is the .apk file that you download from andromo. That runs independently from andromo.  each app created has a unique name which you can't change. .. even if you change the name in Andromo. thus if you edit an existing app in andromo to do something else it will replace the previous one if you install it on your phone or send it to Google play or Amazon. 

    you could send different apps to Google and Amazon with the same name but a user downloading both would only have the second one they downloaded. .. certainly not both of them. 
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