Format issues

Hi all. New here; love the concept and moving feverishly to do something with Andromodo. Got a coupla questions to throw out:

1. How about an intro musical
number? I built an app using the MIT App Inventor that plays a little
TA-DA sound when the app opens, and I think that's a great way to intro
the app. Read a year-old comment about this, and I'd like to re-visit the question. Opening to the Dashboard is fine, but how about a little fanfare on the way to the Dashboard? I want to use some of those 5 second intros they use when
recording radio ads . . .

2.When I created a Contact Activity with Phone, Email, Website & Address, the bottom of the phone number is cut off with the word 'OFFICE'. Is there anything I can do to correct this?

Thanks. I'm looking forward to working with y'all (yes, I'm in Texas!). I got big ideas about what can be done with this . . .


  • @dmarks2061

    Thanks for the suggestions. The intro sound has been suggested before and we are aware of it.

    With regards to number two I just tested this and did not see the problem. Maybe post a screenshot so that we can see what you are seeing.


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