auto rotate and you tube problem

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If I play a YouTube video with my app I have noticed that rising the phone with auto rotate enabled sendsv the video back to the start.  Really annoyin g if it's a long vid.

I'd like to force landscape or portrait even if auto rotate is on.  Could andromo allow that? 


  • Orientation locking isn't possible right now, however it is something we may add in the future on a per activity basis. I'm assuming you're playing the video inside HTML content. The other option would be to use the YouTube activity which would play the videos through the YouTube app instead.

  • I will like to add, that there is something that actually bothers me, and if you could fix it would be great.

    When you make a playlist and add it in the YouTube activity, it shows the playlist, but hte problem is when you edit the playlist, for example you delete a video, it stills shows the video that you deleted, and of course if you click it you can not see anything, so I guess the user could thing that something is wrong.

    If you could fix that, would be great.

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