Admob issue

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Hi, I want to know if someone else is having the same issue as I am.

Since yesterday my admob account stop registering requests and clicks, so I was earning money and stopped earning, I thought it could be a delayed, but now I haven´t earned a penny, not even onne request for all my apps.

I want to say that my apps are still showing admobs ads.

Is someone else having the same problem?, or had the same issue as me?

What do you recommend me? wait a couple of days or ask admob? They said they could be delayed for 48 hours. So I don´t know, any help.


  • I found threads where it has happened a few times. Reporting gets delayed and it can take upto a week to correct itself. I was upto $15-20 in admob daily, but hasn't reported since early hours 8 june :)

    It will be fine, don't worry about it or ask admob, were all getting it.
  • Infact, 14 minutes after writing this the stats have finally updated ;)))))
  • Thanks it also updated in my account, but less tan I expected, hope the are more apps delayed, thanks for your reply.
  • I saw the exact same thing yesterday.  As far as I can tell if your status is green you're still fine and it will work itself out. If you status goes red, that's when there is a real problem.
  • yup, sometimes the reporting is delayed longer than usual
  • Yes, for about 36 hours it didn't update but as it turns out it has all been backdated and I've had one of my best days yet :)
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