Customise RSS Icons, text and background color.

The RSS Icon which is displayed alongside each feed link is a default grey icon.  Is it possible in future to customise this icon.  Also, to customise the text and background color would be great (you can already do this with Podcast).

I Love using Andromo - Keep the updates coming! 5Stars


  • The colors for the RSS activity are taken from the values on the "Styles" tab which are project wide. In particular, the "Backgrounds", "Headings" and "Dates" color values are the ones used there.

    As far as the RSS icon goes, it's purpose is really only to provide a fallback in the case where you've specified a feed that is a Media RSS feed, and you've checked "Show Thumbnail Images (Media RSS)", but not all items had an image available. If it's not, you'd normally uncheck that box.

    In the future we'd like to add additional parsing in order to grab images from the feed beyond the Media RSS type. I'll also pass along the feature request regarding a custom icon.


  • Thanks for that - Yes I just ticked the option for "show thumbnail" and presumed it would show something - i noticed that BBC RSS feeds all have images and work a treat and look great but i guess not everyone is putting images thru rss.  Cheers!
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