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I could be wrong, but I think that the backgroud image in Dashboard settings was in previous Andromo version automatically fitted to the screen?

I've created a 720px x 1200px background, and while it looks OK in my image editing program, it's cut off at the top (by a large margin) in the app itself.

Also, I've uploaded a 960px x 592px backgroud image for the Shoutcast activity and it doesn't fit the screen - it looks like it's zoomed in and I can see about 1/5 of the original image.

I haven't made an app for a customer now for a while, but I'm pretty sure, the last time images were fitted to he screen automatically.

Help, please? :) Thanks.


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    That is the normal behaviour of the dashboard background. The image will be stretched to fill the screen of your device without distorting ithe image by changing its aspect ratio. You can't really fit an image to every screen on Android without distorting it; there are too many different shapes of screens out there.

    The amount that gets cut off depends on how different your image's shape (aspect ratio) differs from the shape of the device it's being viewed on.

    There are a few things you can do to improve matters a bit:
    • adjust the aspect ratio of your image, so that it more closely matches the aspect ratio of your target device. However, unless you're targeting a single device, this is somewhat unrealistic, since there are many different aspect ratios in use.
    • add padding on the outside edges of your image, and move the important parts in from the edges, so that if something gets cut off it doesn't matter so much
    • use the banner area image to show your important information instead of the background image. If you set the banner area size to "Fit to image" the entire banner image will always be shown. This is the best option and is how the new dashboard was designed to be used.

    The best approach is to use the background and the banner image together: the background to serve as the backdrop, and the banner image to present the graphics that you always want fully visible.

    The Shoutcast activity background follows the same rules as the dashboard background. It is meant to provide a subtle backdrop for the audio list. If you want some part of the image to always be shown, you need to place that part closer to the middle of your image, and try to use an aspect ratio that matches the ratios used by your target devices as closely as possible.

  • Thanks, lorne, much appreciated!
  • Yes, I noticed that today, It would be awesome if you could make it fit.
  • I solved the issue by creating a 1024x1024 background image (pure black) and then I pasted the image on that background in a smaller scale. It works now. :)
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