Tapgage ADs froze screen on app

Today I opened my apps to see how they are running and tapgage would start up but not finish and freeze the screen. This force me to quickly rebuild my apps removing thier ADs from my apps. Unless the users new to press back button on device to release it, the user will just uninstall my app . Can a tapgage rep please come and tell us whats going on thanks for taking the time to read this.


  • @pixelpower You might want to contact tapgage's support about that and see if they had any problems: http://tapgage.uservoice.com/.

    I visited their set to grab that link and it was pretty slow for me, so they could be experiencing a server issue at the moment.

  • Thanks Mark the problem couldn't have come at a worst time a website called fil.dir had contacted by email me about putting my apps on thier site feature for more promotion for free. I cant have a featured app that doesnt work lol. If you get any more info please let me know thanks alot for speed response!!
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