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Is any one on here doing well with either mob partner or tapgage? I am really happy with admob, things are coming along nicely with an average of about 1$ per 1000 impressions which brings in just short of 200 dollars per 30 days and is growing steadily. I have put both of the others on and get 0 from them. not a cent. Tapgage is not so bad because it does drive up sales of ad free versions but I can't work out mob partner.I am actually getting more impressions from mob partner in 30 days than admob but the revenue is at 0$ in over 1/2 million impressions. Funny thing is if I disable mob partner my admob impressions or revenue do not go up. Is anyone experiencing the same.


  • Yeah Iam on mobpartner now and it seems people just dont click on ADs becuase they are not in the way. Iam forced to use them becuase of adsense trouble Iam afraid of using admob. I dont know whats going on but hopefully the more apps I make the better my clicks become.

    Also remember on mobpartner those are game ADs and people that use regular apps arent really gamers, thats why click rate is so low.
  • I use mobpartner in another way and I make $5-10 per day from it with around 25 APPs released ;>
  • $5 - 10 a day really lookzor? whats your ecpm, or which apps do you promote, I promote games apps, and they are not making me money.

    Another question do you use in all your apps or almost all, admob and mobpartner ads? When you started d0 that afected your admob revenue or it was pretty the same than before?

  • I started making money with mobpartner when I started making abouts about game related topics. That just happened last 2 days so I got that part figured out.
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    I prefer admob, you can make some good money with it. I tried others with little success! Look below for screen shot.
  • doug2005, thats amazing, congratulations, how do you do to make so much money with few clciks?
  • Can anyone explain what is the difference between CPC Rev and CPM Rev?
  • @doug2005 That's amazing, man! :) Congrats! How long are you on the market?
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    Thanks Guys!!!

    @ djlfpro21, I honestly dont know that much about admob, I just use them in my apps and get great results. 

    @ Hendrixs I think i submitted my first app to the market about 2 1/2 years ago. Not I have apps on google play, Amazon, Blackberry and IOS!

    Something that i do that most dont is I have ads in my lite and pro versions. I just make it clear that Pro doesnt get you ad free, but it does get you more content and features and there fine with that especially with admob because its such a small banner.

    Believe it or not, I make more money with amazon they google play. You guys wanna see a sales report of what I make on amazon?
  • That´s great doug2005, it is a shame that I can not sell apps, cause I live in a place that is not allowed to sell by google play.
  • Can you sell them on amazon
  • Actually I don´t know, do they have country restrictions?
  • @doug2005 Thanks for sharing. If you don't mint, I guess we'd like to see the Amazon report, we definitely need some inspiration. ;)

    I too have apps on Amazon (can't sell them on Google Play because of the country I live in), but never considered selling them. I need to find some popular apps there (just found it - and see if I can re-create some.
  • Amazon have this rule in their terms of service:

    7. You will not, without our express prior written approval, use any Content or Special Link, or otherwise link to the Amazon Site, on or in connection with any site or application designed or intended for use with a mobile phone or other handheld device (which prohibition does not apply to any site that is not designed or intended for use with such devices but that may be accessible by such devices (e.g., on a non-mobile-optimized site via an internet browser on a tablet device)), or any television set-top box (e.g., digital video recorders, cable or satellite boxes, streaming video players, blu-ray players, or dvd players) or Internet-enabled television (e.g., GoogleTV, Sony Bravia, Panasonic Viera Cast, or Vizio Internet Apps).

    Which is why I haven't promoted Amazon in my APPs. I would need their permission, otherwise you're just gambling with not being caught. 

    @djlfpro21 - I use game APPs too, and in every APP I have Admob and I don't use Mobpartner Ads. I actually subscribe to the game install campaigns and then place them at the top as a website activity so when people click it they are directed to the playstore to download the game. If they download and open the game I receive a commission. 

    My eCPM for Mobpartner is around $0.60-80 and my Admob eCPM is around $1.10. My eCPM overall if I add both is $1.70-1.90
  • Oh one more thing as I just saw the Admob stats from Doug :) 

    My CTR average is 1.40% and I get between 180-250 Clicks per day. I have less requests per day too.

    Must be the sort of APPs I make compared to his though :)

    Doug, how many APPs do you currently have uploaded to Google Play?

    Thanks In Advanced!
  • @lookzor do you use the target url in your website actvity? , I ask you cause I can not verify if it actually Works cause there is no apps for my country so I can not look at them.

  • I have 5 on google play and 5 on amazon.
  • Yes I refer to people to MobPartner offers via the website activity. I grab the link they provide for promoting a specific campaign, for example there is a campaign for the US and UK called The Tribez, which is a game that pays $1.50 per install.

    I have that in my APPs as the first icon and so that I can switch out offers I link to one of my websites which uses a redirecting script where I can input different offers just by changing links, so that I don't have to keep updating APPs. 

    I provide my APPs to ALL countries, so I can pretty much promote all offers. 

    have you limited which countries can download your APPs?
  • no, I don´t but the promtio og the apps of mobpartner, they do.
  • I concur on making more money from Amazon than Google. And until recently, I made more on B&N than Amazon.
  • B&N = Barnes & Noble but that gravy train is ending they are no longer making Nook Colors and letting 3rd party's create them. The worst part is they are turning to Google Play market instead of their own, so you no longer compete in a small pond.
  • This may not be as obvious to everyone but the only way to get anything out of your Ads is if you have done everything to customise and make relevant what ads appear in your App.

    I have a Tech App, and use AdMob and MobPartner (not interstitials).  I only have one ad campaign through MobPartner because they only have one ad campaign that is anything to do with Tech.  Just having this one ad works really well because it fits in with the content of the App.

    I used to have Gaming ads in this App and was getting nowhere - As soon as the ad is relevant - it just becomes part of your App and non-intrusive.

    I dont agree that people dont click on ads because they are not obvious enough.
    There are only two reasons why people dont click your ads;
    1) Your ads are not relevant
    2) People dont download your App to click ads - most people dont want ads unless they are an extension of your App content and offer "premium" content.

    My preference is AdMob - It is customisable and it is NOT intrusive - it is tucked neatly at the bottom of the App.
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