Does anyone make money with paid apps

I know most of us do free apps but Iam wondering if anyone has had success releasing paid apps.


  • Would you like to see a sales report of what i make from amazon? I do very well with them and ok with google play
  • Yeah I would love to see!!
  • Thats for May 2013
  • Wow, very nice! Is this only from apps you make in Andromo? Are you targeting specific niches with content or are you more into wallpaper/soundboard/video apps - or maybe a combination? :)

    Fantastic, man, you're very good.

  • A couple are from andromo, but my main ones are from a service similar to andromo. I just do alittle bit of everything! 
  • What other services do you use? Tell us your dirty little secret please? PM me!!
  • I've got several paid apps that have been doing well. They do better on Amazon and Barnes & Noble than they do on Google, for what that's worth. I also have a couple of free apps, but they don't bring in anywhere near as much.
  • @tholyoak Hi! Do you make mosty "niche" info apps or more soundboard/wallpaper type of apps? I'm doing niche info apps, have one ringtone app out, but will definitely make more wallpaper etc. apps. Thanks!
  • @doug2005: Do you advertise your apps in any form? Or are you having these many sales purely by organic traffic? Thanks.
  • @doug2005: I've started making paid apps on Amazon. I don't make free version, only paid ones, and so far, a "nature sound" app goes best.

    Just wondering, if you care to share, how are you earnings doing and if you do any special advertising?
    I'm currently at 10-20 sales per day and my apps are priced at $0.99 USD.

  • Im currently making around 150 a day on amazon. I do have a free version for every paid app on there. I try to make the free version good but I want the customer to be wanting more so they buy the pro version. I dont really do any advertising though. 
  • @doug2005 $150 a day! Nice! I guess I should upload more of my apps to Amazon. So far I only have one up there and it's a free version. May I inquire as to how many paid apps you have listed with Amazon?
  • I have three but I make most of it on one of the apps :)
  • @doug2005: Thanks. I don't have free versions, so I'll try to make my next apps in free and paid versions to see if it will help. Now I only do my best to find the most relevant keywords, upload many screenshots and a video, all to improve my ranking. I also include free bonuses with every app.

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