Time start adding very simple games to andromo, I tell you how to do it cost effective .

Alright I see everyone has request but I have a reqest that I feel will bring Andromo itself money and help me. Andromo is a company first , its makes sense that they add features to draw in more money. So this is what I purpose

1) Simple already made game that all andromo developer does is add the graphics to various game components.
Because it would take too much time coding for andromo developers to make it where we program the game, I know I developed on other programming tools before. It would be much easier if andromo developers just made the game and the only thing we could change is graphics.
Whats a simple game?
Doodle jump with out powerups
Canabalt ( runner type game)

I hope to hear from andromo developers , I love the tool already its wonderful!!


  • i have my own game war of dragons and want to create it and add graphics and stuff how do i do it 
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