Marketing Your Android App part 1&2 ****MUST READ****

Here are 2 detailed articules that cover how to market your android games and apps



This will help you alot in getting exposure!!


  • First, your part 2 link needs to be fixed. :)

    Second, I disagree about the disadvantages of paid apps. I *want* my users to quit using the free version and buy the paid one. I get a lot more money from app sales than I do from advertising. And I think it's a lot harder and less likely for someone to "steal" the apk than you make it sound.
  • No actually its very easy for customers to steal the apk , very easy.
  • My marketing post have been read over 1,000 times in 3 days since I made it. I think people know the value of marketing and developers are always looking for new ways to market thier apps.
  • but they can't spell android!
  • I hope developers have learn a tip or 2 to help them gain more downloads. If any developer feels I missed a tip just let me know.
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