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Hi - just thinking through a project where I have a top level activities page (gallery mode) which has a number of options to click to a sub activities page which then has the custom pages / About us etc etc activities connected to it.

Pretty new to all this but can anyone just let me know if this is doable and where this is as an option. Each of the sub activities pages would have the same layout but prob a different image at the top to reflect the sub catagory selected form the main activities page




  • Not 100% sure what you're trying but is this helpful?:

    You can use the Andromo Activity identifier like this:

    <a href="andromo://dashboard">Go Home</a>

    This will link to your dashboard (homescreen)
    This works for ANY Andromo activity!

    On the EDIT page of any activity (near the SAVE button (to the right))
    you will see the Andromo link reference: Glyphicons_halflings_143_link andromo://youtube31133

    Does that help?
  • Well yes and no that does explain how the linking works but I want to be able to have different tiers of Dashboad. So for example the main dashboard and landing page has a nice pic and then the options red,blue,green and yellow. Click on yellow and in the Yellow dashboard I have all the activities associated with that. Same for Blue,Green and Blue. Creating the top level dashboard looks OK but I want to create more dashboards at the next layer down - is that possible or would they all become custom pages at that point
  • @jimjamuk Hi! This is what I was thinking about asking, too. :) This features isn't yet available, but it would be cool, if they introduce it.
  • thanks hendrixs - so its a single tiered app then really - mmm might mean I have to find another tool then
  • You could do a second tier with Custom HTML/Archive activity, but yeah, I'd like to see a "pre-build" second tiers also.
  • This is definitely doable with HTML. I use it in one of my apps.
  • I needed to do a second tier menu, and I did it with Archive activity, however, the page was "zoomed out", so the texts and the image were very small.

    How can I adjust the "zoom" of my HTML page? I have a picture and some bullet points, but everything is extremely small. Any ideas?

  • @hendrixs
    Take a look at the opening paragraph in the HTML Archive activity docs. It contains information about meta data that controls how things look:

    You could also play around with some of the other available options discussed in the viewport link of that section.

  • @darryl
    This hasn't crossed my mind! ;) Thanks so much, just what I was looking for.
  • We could have it easily, if it was possible to hide activities from the home screen.   You could use an andromo home screen and then link to an html page that listed other andromo activities.  At the moment they all appear at the top menu and it gets a bit busy
  • I have disabled the Dashboard and use an HTML webpage (not custom) hosted on my website.
    all the links on my custom dashboard link to the Andromo Activity.

    If you know how to write HTML CSS JS - it is a really cool way of having exactly what you want to appear when the user opens the App.

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    Without resorting to HTML, I have a project where one custom page has multiple images that individually link to unique custom pages. Not a problem. The only difficulty I'm having is in trying to link a custom page to a gallery page. Doesn't seem to work. It just gets thrown to Google on the net.
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