share button broke Amazon

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Amazon tell me that my kindle formatted apps are failing due to the share button linking to Google?


  • I assume you're referring to the app sharing button on the dashboard?

    Did you specify "Amazon Appstore: Kindle Fire and Kindle Fire HD" as the Target on the "App Info" tab in the copy of the app you submitted to Amazon?

  • I did.   But it seems the share links didnt change.
  • Can you please post the share test that is being created? It should be something similar to:

    Checkout <<APP_NAME>> on Amazon!<<PACKAGE_NAME>>;

    If you are seeing something different you may not have updated the setting within the app.

  • how do I see what the link is actually calling ?
  • If you choose something like GMail for the app to handle the sharing, you'll get the text Mark described as the body text in the email. That's just an example of course, but when you click the share button, you'll get a list of apps available to use to share. That's where to look for that text.

  • Silly question maybe:  but where do I find this app sharing button to which you refer ?   How can I implement this in my apps ?
  • @amsinco It's in the action bar on the dashboard. All you have to do is build your app using the latest version of Andromo and you will get it.
  • Hello. I've just came across this issue myself. What Darryl and Mark suggest solved the problem. Thanks.
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