Looping Audio

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Yeah this might sound odd, but I need a way to loop audio.

First I built an Html 5 app and put it in an html archive, well the web archive doesn't play audio stored locally it seems. So a full day wasted there.

Next thought about using the audio player (didn't want to because my html 5 app had graphics etc.)

Anyways the built in audio player will not loop audio files. Is there a possibility to enable looping of Audio in an update?

I guess for now I'll make my project in Shiva, but really wanted to have a quick way of making this type of app because I have a few I want to pump out.


  • Yes, you're correct, it's currently not possible to play local audio files using the HTML Archive. I don't know if this is viable for your project, but a long time ago I was able to stream an audio file (from a URL) in HTML5. It should work (if things haven't changed since) so that may be worth a shot.

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