How many free apps did you build before you started making money

   Iam just wondering how many apps did you guys build before you started to make lets say $100-$300 a month on your apps.


  • I think 6 months. Oh and I created lot's of apps to find out what works best. And now I found out what works best I'm just improving my idea. All my other apps when still trying to find the best idea are still not doing well. 
    Let me help you with some basics:

    - Try to find a good idea (i's said too many times, still it's true). A wallpaper app with pictures of calculators just isn't gonna attract many users and I didn't even mention active users.

    - Try to create an app what people are using longer then 1 minute. The longer the users uses your app, the more money you make. Don't forget to think about this when creating an concept.

    - Improve your app, and improve and improve.. Update your app once a month or more. It will attract more downloads and your app won't go down in search results in Google Play. Well, don't know this 100% but let's assume it works a little bit the same as Google's search engine. And apps that got updated 2 years ago aren't getting a lot of downloads anymore. + Your users are happier when you update your app a lot.

    Also let other people take a look at your app. Maby when you designed your app icon, you thought it was the best you could do. But it surely can always be improved! Try to beat yourself!

    Hope this basic stuff still helps someone.
  • You could build one APP that makes $40+ a day, or one that makes $.10 a day. It depends on your research, downloads per day and how many times it gets reused!
  • I have one free app that does well, but my paid apps do a lot better. You just have to find something that people need (although they might not know it yet) that hasn't already been done. :)
  • I'm new to andromo and am working on my first ringtone app. My question is can I do a free soundboard only app and a paid version set as ringtone? Good idea? Bad idea?
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