MobPartner Issues

It seems like at least once a week I am getting Emails from MobPartner telling me i have to pause this campaign, stop that one, restart this one, because of "problems" with carriers. I dont mind putting the effort in but this is now ridiculous.

All this and i am getting no revenue.  Seems that people dont want to install apps so i can get my revenue.

I have decided to stop using Mobpartner for this reason and have disabled it in settings.

I will continue with AdMob as they generate the most revenue and they are most customizable.

It would be very good to introduce more AD agencies.


  • @tamworthheat: Thanks for sharing. I haven't used them yet, but it's good to know what to expect. :) I'll give them a try with one of my next apps.
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    Another thing about MobPartner:

    I have just received this "iliterate" message - their spelling is terrible.

    We are sorry to "announce you" that the following actions "will are" paused today on Gamifive France per client request.

    I dont even subscribe to Gamifive (so i'm not getting custom message specific to my campaigns).

    And one of the actual adverts said:- "Afraid of lossing you phone"?
    Instead of "Afraid of losing your phone?"

    These cheap crappy ads and crappy stop/start service is really not worth the bother.
    Very basic spelling mistakes makes my App look amateurish and cheap.

    I put a lot of effort into my Apps (I'm not ranting) And the service I get from Mobpartner does not go well with what i think is a premium feel to my Apps.

    BUT, if we dont point these things out to Andromo - they'll never get sorted.

    I dont like putting negative things in posts, but i have to when they affect my App.

    What does anyone else think?  Have you had similar issues or different issues?

  • MobPartner es la muerte, no tiene ingresos para mí. Andromo debe evaluar muy bien las redes antes de añadir, tapgage es igual.
  • mobpartner is death, never has income for me. andromo you must evaluate really good the networks before to add, tapgage is same.
  • What AD networks you guys want to use? Just want to know and try to do it myself through code.
  • Well, I would need advice on which Ad Networks work well.  I don't have too much experience.  
  • Admob is still my best network. Pays well.
  • Also to note mobpartner isn't the one sending you email's, its the actual advertiser's that's sending you the email. I noticed that alot of the advertiser's aren't native english speakers. I think it's really hard to tell which advertiser is good unless you have alot of download's. No advertiser will be good unless you have an app that has penetrated the market and has 1,000's of downloads.
  • I agree with all the comments above and reiterate:

    1. don't waste your time with MobPartner
    2. I earned $2 from 10 apps over approx 2 months with them
    3. I disabled MobPartner in all my Andromo apps
    4. Forget about Tapgage as well:  small $$ earned doesn't outweigh the annoyance to your users for the full-page ads
    5. Focus on AdMob banners instead  (you can make a tidy little sum of you have enough app properties )

  • Pixel posted this in another thread, but you're using it very little, barely changing anything and expecting the world.

    For one, banner Ads with andromo just run Admob, because MobPartner doesn't convert well. Also, MobPartner Installs don't convert well unless you use incentive landing pages, as long as the incentive doesn't border lying to the point of offering payment per download.

    If you don't provide some form of incentive, usually conversion rate is between 0.5-4% for conversions. I'm now using incentives with a landing page and the website activity, and getting a 15-20% conversion. People click the landing page and are directed to my domain with a geo script so that all my traffic is monetized. If you're only trying one offer, you may not be hitting all countries, so buy a domain, put a geo redirect script on it and set up offers for all countries that you get downloads from.

    if you're going to go with MobPartner, Only use them via the website activity and use a landing page with an incentive relevant to your APP. For example, if you have a lose weight APP, have a website activity labeled:

    "Ultimate Weight Loss Tip". Then leading to a landing page laid out like this:

    Secret Weight Loss Tip That Noone Else Knows ELIMINATES Fat!


    1. To get access to this tip Download & Open One Free APP.
    2. You must OPEN The APP Atleast Once To Get Access To The Secret Tip.

    Click Here Image

    Image Of Someone's Before & After

    Click Here Image Again

    That's it. That's an incentive based landing page and it's what the leading mobile publishers are using to get installs. That one change from just sending people to offers, to sending them to an incentive landing page has increased my income from $50-100 a day to $250-300 a day.

    Small change, big difference. You have to keep tweaking. I've been tweaking what I have everyday since I've been a member of Andromo and sometimes a change has set me back, and other times a few changes have pushed me even further forward!

    Hope that helps a few of you!
  • @lookzor: Great post, thanks for sharing your experience with us.
  • @lookzor: are you using some type of postback script so that the user gets the incentive?
  • In my case, I play around with two models, one I don't give them anything and two I enter an e-mail box to send them an autoresponder message and ask they fill their name in and click on Download Now.

    Second way is legit, the first they don't get anything but the rest of my APP is useful so usually they don't make much of a complaint, infact I haven't had a complaint yet :D
  • Thanks, gotcha.
  • Excellent strategy lookzor, do you use html to send email ? I actually just learned how to code link to email that so its funny you mentioned that.
  • @lookzor you must be kidding $250 - 300 per day, that is almost impossible. I can not image having those numbers.

  • @lookzor - Cheers, Good post - plenty to get my teeth into - Thanks!
  • @pixelpower ;I just use Aweber and install the form on my domain running wordpress. Then I refer people to that page via the website activity. Nothing difficult ;))

    @djlfpro21 Just need to keep tweaking and help your app convert more!
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