Features that I can't find in Andromo - developer that can help or build it?

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Thanks for reading :)

There are feature I can't find in Andromo and I want them, 
So if someone can code it in html\java and I'll add it, or want to develop for me (if it's too much I'll pay for it). 

That's what I want (in addition to things I've already add with what Andromo can offer):

1) a google map with directions (using GPS) - it doesn't work in Andromo, only shows the map without navigation. - Google has navigation!
2) Kind of a "wall" like facebook wall, where guests and me, can post short messages, and show others' live. 
3) A form, so the people can send blessings. 
4) A place where people can upload photos and videos (from the phone's storage and taking a photo "now" and uploading right after.

Again if someone can code it in html\java (or give me another solution to how to get what I want), or if someone can code it to Android directly I'll be grateful!

Thanks a lot guys!! 
Good day, 


  • point 2 and 3 may be possible with the web activity or html activity. But I don't think Andromo is the best option for your specific request. 

    I think your best option is to hire someone who can develop your custom app. It will probably cost you a couple of hundred dollars. That's what I would suggest because I think your request is too specific for Andromo. Although you can still try it of course and tell me I'm wrong. Good luck!
  • Thanks, mobilegameplay!

    I used Andromo, everything works!! 

    1) I put a link with "my location" and it sends to google map
    2) Used an external site.
    3) same.
    4) same.

    It feels like an application even though it's not inside the app. 

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