Using HTML5 Leadbolt Ad's work in Andromo!!

Ok guys I know you have been asking about other networks especially Leadbolt . Using the power of HTML you can include other AD networks into Andromo . Here is a apk I made using Leadbolt Advertising Network. Enjoy!!

Guy's Andromo is the best tool for making apps the easy way. I know they don't have all the features you want, but it's the most error free editor compared to other's that I used in the past. I am sure they are working hard to add the SDK's of other advertising companies , meanwhile at least you can use ADfly or Leadbolt in your apps without the SDK in Andromo.


  • Great job, good choice and offers several options without integrating SDK. I already register and begins to testing.

    Leadbolt think is better than Tapgage and MobPartner, hopefully soon integrated into Andromo.
  • mastermx waiting for Andromo to intergrate Leadbolt will be a long time. Andromo has smaller tasks to finish before it tackles Leadbolt SDK. I saw Leadbolts SDK and intergration will be difficult , unless your a super coder.
      If you want I can show you how to do it but you have to learn a little html. Do you know any html?
  • @pixelpower Yeah, but any help is good.
  • Click on your profile I sent you a message.
  • Good job, pixelpower!
  • Thanks I am working hard at learning html,javascript, and html5 . The one thing I can tell you is that it is very difficult and these guy's at Andromo earned my respect . Its really hard when you get to the later stages, I am only at the mid-point. I hope to learn enough that in the future I can get certified and work for Andromo.
  • @pixelpower Thanks for the kind words. As an (almost) lifelong coder, I'm glad your having fun learning to code. I just wanted to be clear (in case there was any missunderstanding) that Andromo apps (the client side, not the website you enter your app info on) are all written in Java using the Android SDK.


  • Later on today I will tackle on Amazon API and see if I can get it to work in andromo. Wish me luck!!
  • @pixelpower Amazon API - Now that would be good
  • Would there be any negative effect by doing this?  
    If you have an app that drives traffic to a website with affiliate links, Google doesn't like this.
    I could put Adsense ads on my website and be safer? I don't know - just asking
  • AdSense on your sites and mobile viewing is OK. They even published a case study AND released a nice little tutorial on suggested layouts.
  • I was able to get amazon associates to work but then Shane found out it was against thier terms of service because they wanted people to use thier SDK for mobile apps. So unfortunately we have to wait for andromo.
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