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I have a question concerning an affiliate link in an app.

I tried a new app yesterday, and had an activity go directly to an
affiliate offer with my code, but when the offer is opened or clicked,
my affiliate id is gone. I am getting good at the developing, however,
if i am making an app on acne, and want one of the activities to go to a
product I am promoting, is there a way to do it, or instructions how?

I have checked the forum and can not find a simple instruction, or how to.

I would like to sometimes direct people to an affiiliate offer page,
with my id, but it seems to strip out my code, Any help appreciated.



  • Hi Jeff,

    What sort of an Activity are you using? Andromo doesn't strip anything from your links so I'm not sure what the problem could be.

  • Hey Mark.

    I simply went to an affiliate offer page, that had my clickbank link already added. When I used the WEBSITE activity, and added that as the landing page, I checked in a test run, and the affiliate at the very bottom of the clickbank offer said NONE, meaning my affiliate name was gone.

    I am trying to add more affiliate offerings in my Activities, but I can not find a tutorial on this one area.

    For example, when creating an ACNE app, wanted one activity to go to ProActiv product on Amazon, but I have no idea that procedure or process.

    If you can direct me to a discussion, or tutorial, on how to direct buyers to an affiliate offering via an activity it would help me greatly.

  • Ok can you post the link here , so we can test it.
  • Just curious if these is a way to promote an affiliate sales page, so that my id sticks, for example,

    I want an affiliate sales page to be one of the activities, is there a tutorial, or when you guys promote an amazon item, or affiliate item, what procedures do you follow. I have tried for a week to figure it out on my own.

    For example, if making an app on fishing, would like to promote a fishing clinkbank book, but do i list activity as a website, and drop url there, or is there a way you guys promote affiliate items that works, i just am having a hard time with this one area.

    Thanks  Jeff
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    Click here to Learn More

    I did this in html , I will put this in a app for you.
  • The link takes me to the affiliate sales page?

  • I think my question is not getting the point across.

    I can develop the apps, I simply want to know if there is a page in Andromo, or elsewhere, that can show me the correct way on this platform to promote affiliate products.

    Activity is webpage, or youtube, etc, not sure how to start the process on Andromo. What activity, etc.

    I have been working in SEO and web development for 8 years, but trying to figure out how an affiliate item is promoted correctly and professionally on Andromo. I do not want to create a blank page with a click here link to my sales page,

  • Ok like on the affiliate page , you want to make a page that will get the customer interested in the product?
  • For example,,,,,I make an app on acne.

    So one activity is an rss feed to acne info
    one activity is a link to an acne website
    one activity is a link to you tube videos on acne remedies...

    I would like to make one activity, a direct link to a product on amazon, or a clickbank item, so i get a commission if they follow the page and purchase. I can not find any information on andromo, or elsewhere, on how to make that particular activity so my hoplink is already set and the activity opens to the product page....

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     Do you have the direct link to the amazon product ? Post it here so I can see if I can make the link work. If you don't have a direct link then you have to sign up as a publisher, with amazon.
  • Maybe my questions are getting to confusing.....

    I simply want to know how you guys promote affiliate offers on your apps.

    I simply am looking for a step by step, or tutorial, on how an affiliate offer can be promoted on an app. I don't want anyone to do the work for me, I want to learn the correct way, and thought someone on this forum is promoting an affiliate offer via the apps, if so, can you please let me know how or direct me to the page where I can learn how to correctly promote an affiliate offering.

  •     Everyone has their own way of promoting affiliate app's so there is no tutorial on how to do that. That's like asking how do you type with one hand or two hands, it's about how you prefer to do it. You should go to a marketing forum and ask that question like this site they would be able to assist you.
    Also this question is not the same question you started out with, next time open a new thread for a new question then no one will get confused.
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    Pixel, it is the same question. I am new here, and asking a very BASIC question, and simply asking for help. If you do not know, or want to help me, thats fine. I have scowered this forum, and tutorials simply looking for ANY way to promote an affiliate offer. Your reply about me ignorantly asking a question that can be answered a million ways is wrong. You even said

    "it's about how you prefer to do it"

    Thats the problem and thats why i keep rephrasing the question. You are not listening to my question. I don't need to go to BH or warrior forum for help, I am here asking for help. I know HOW to promote an affiliate offer 100 ways, I am not asking THIS forum for help on promoting an affiliate offer. I am simply, again, asking HOW do you create an activity, because every way I tried striped  my affiliate code.

    I am not going to go to the Warrior forum, and ask them how do you create an app on Andromo, thats ignorant. That's not what I have been asking for. I can promote an offer 100 ways, but which way works on this platform. Do you use the website, the pages, the custom, WHICH ACTIVITY on the apps setup do you generally us to promote an offer.

    Telling me to open a new thread, because someone might get confused, is a forum moderators job, not yours.

    I came here as a newbie on this forum, and asked the same question 3 different ways because each time i asked it, you simply did not understand the question, and answered me with offers to look at my links, look at my pages, etc. I do not want the work done for me. I simply wanted to know how you promote an affiliate offer. I understand theres a hundred ways to scin a cat, yet, you didn't give me one, so thats why I continue to reword the question until I get the help I need. If you want to berate a newbie, thats fine, I won't expect your help during my time here. Like other forums where a newbie is ignored, or bashed for posting in a wrong cat, I simply reached out looking for help with a simple question.

    If you feel berating me, and telling me to go to other forums, then instructing me how to post questions helps me, it doesn't

    If you don't want to help, thats fine.

    I am simply not finding the help on my own, and thought a regular poster to this forum who has experience using affiliate links, could show newbies how, ANY procedure to teach us. I can not find it anywhere in this forum, and even a single explanation on a single technique would help, rather than telling me about all the errors with my questions and how I need to go to other forums for help.

    Why can't I ask THIS FORUM for help Pixel? Are you the self appointed mod here?

    I am simply asking this forum, if you have had success with affiliate offers in your app, can you share the way.

    I won't ask you for help now, tomorrow, or in the future pixel. I realize you know exactly what I am asking, but feel teaching me how to post, and to go elsewhere for help is a contribution and help for a newbie.


    it's about how you prefer to do it.
    it's about how you prefer to do it.
    it's about how you prefer to do it.
  • I will ask this question for a regular poster, who would like to help a newbie.

    When you promote an affiliate offer here on Adromo apps, which activity are you using to promote?

    If you are using the WEBSITE activity, do you simply drop in the sales page as the url?

    If I am completely clueless here, can anyone show me there technique, here on Andromo, when promoting fr example an Amazon product.

    I tried to create an activity, using the website section of the activity page, then drop the items url with my amz code in the url, but when i test the app, its stripped, and only goes to the product, without my az affilte sot in the page.

    If this is a top secret procedure, then apologies for asking this forum for help.

    I simply want to promote my affiliate offerings on some apps, and I have all the hoplinks, the amazon aff and ebay aff info and links, just not sure where in the app process, I add these links.

    Thanks in advance to anyone, besides Pixel, that can help.

    Jeffrey ;)
  • Still struggling for help with this.

    So, I went to Amazon Associates account, found a product i like to promote, created a link as follows:

    Is that the code, I take to the ACTIVITY section of Andromo, and drop in the url for a WEBSITE? Thats all I am basically asking. Once i have the url of the item being promoted, where in the activity section do you drop that affilate url?

    Thanks to anyone.

  • looks like the link was stripped from my comment, but, you get the idea here. Do i create the link in amazon associates, then take that url to the activities page? If yes, where do I drop the link I created in Amazon? Website, custom page, etc, what activity am I best to use, to promote an Amazon item.

    Basically, if you have ever promoted an Amazon item here in an app, can you give me an idea what steps were taken. Thanks
  • To add an affiliate link to a webpage you simply use the link as a web activity. I suspect your problem lies with Amazon as they don't allow affiliate links from mobile devices (read their T&Cs). You probably signed up as an associate using a website. I guess they have some way of recognising that the link does not have a url associated and are stripping it out at their end.
  • Yup, that's right. This is new with them - they don't allow affiliate links from mobile anymore.
  • lookzor pointed out this to me during a conversation, so I also modified 2 of my apps, which were linking to a product (I just deleted the website activity, because it was not the main purpose of my app - and by saying that, neither does Google Play like to see affiliate links in apps).
  • CORRSEA, thank you soooooooooooo much.

    That was exactly what I was asking for. WEb activity. I was creating a custom page, and not having luck. I went into my associate account and read the t/c concerning mobile apps. I will make the appropriate adjustments, and again thanks for the very clear help, much appreciated.

    HENDRIXS, thanks, I was not making the affiliate info a top priority, I just figured if my app was referring something I already promote I could add my affiliate code and make a few extra $$$, but if Amazon says its a no no, I'm glad I know now before I have 100 apps in violation.

    Thanks, Jeffrey
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