Important statement's covering repeated topic's about making money to the Andromo Community

  Hey guys I see a lot of solid apps made by andromo that I even enjoyed myself. I also see that alot of people want to make money , so do I. I even posted marketing advice and I'am working on helping some people with AD networks.

But there are a few points I want to get across.

1) AD companies

Yes there are some AD companies that work better than others. But I see people who have apps with 100-500 downloads complaining about AD's. Honestly even with a good AD network you need much more downloads than that to even come close to a good income. 500 downloads will not make $1,000 check, its just not going to happen. You need 5,000 downloads or more to even begin to make good money.

2) Why aren't people downloading my apps, why I didn't get word of mouth?

Ok I also have seen some people with 20-30 downloads and sometimes its just bad luck. But also I have downloaded some andromo apps with one activity like wallpapers, then there are only 5-7 wallpapers. I see the same person complaining OH THE AD NETWORK SUCKS!! With that little content the user probably deleted the app 2 minutes after installation. When you make an app you have to make it deep enough so that the user comes back, that means make alot of content. Use as many activities as possible to give your app some depth and value. You cannot make an app that has one youtube video and say OH MAN WHY AM I NOT A MILLIONARE YET??

3) Andromo doesn't have the feature's I want

Yes there are feature's I want too , especially video in HTML. But I understand how hard it is to hand code , it takes time and sometimes other features are more important. Remember Google makes new OS all the time(2.3,2.5,3.1,3.5,4.1) andromo has to apply the latest SDK and then fix any bugs cause by Google new OS, not anything that Andromo has done wrong. Also understand that as more features get added , the cost of Andromo cloud with holds our projects goes up , then that cost gets pass down to us. The duplication feature that alot of people want will definitely boost the amount of storage sapce needed in Andromo cloud or upload servers. I think Andromo is really trying to keep the cost down.

In closing here is some help so that you can start getting more downloads , written by me with feedback from shane & hendrix

Also post your game on my site to gain more exposure

I wish everyone the best and I hope to be a millionare one day, I am sure you guys got the same dream.
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