2 Player Tick Toe Toe Game : Download source here with instructions on how to add it to your app

Ok guys I was practicing doing a tutorial on tic tack toe and finally completed it . Lets jump right in

1) You can download the demo version to play on your device. I took out the dashboard so when you click on the icon on your device it goes straight to the game .


2) You can download the source file here


3) The instructions on how to put this game in your app

a) Download the zip file and do not unzip it.

b) Go to the HTML activity in andromo

c) Upload the zip file, you should see that under the set icon tab

d) Where it says  "index.html" change it to "tictacktoe.html"

Ok and you are done!! Any other questions just ask. If your wondering what types of app's you can put this in I feel like any game related app will do, plus having a simple game in the app increases the chance that the users will choose to open the app more often whenever they are bored and want to play a quick game with someone else like their friends.


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