Best ad network for push notifications?

Hi guys i was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for ad networks for push notifications.

l've tried using mobpartners but i cant get it to work correctly!

Thanks in advance!


  • air push is already there for you in services tab.
  • I was also wondering the same thing.  I tried to format air push, but encountered a problem in the chrome browser hanging up when I went to enter data in the fields. 
  • Do you mean air bop? Because I don't see air push anywhere and airbop isn't a ad network so it doesn't answer my question!
  • Leadbolt IMHO
  • Mobpartner is fine, it's what you're putting in your Push Notification that makes/breaks what you make.

    What exactly are you having trouble with when pushing notifications?

    Because I push notifications to mobpartner using pool > text links
  • image
    @lookzor is the target url the text link i should place in airbop?
    I don't know if it works because I can't check it in my country.

  • do anyone know what this means in mobpartner campaigns
    "NB: To promote this campaign, publishers MUST send the ANDROID ID, by passing it in this following parameter in the tracking link: &androidid=, otherwise your installs won't be taken into account!"
  • You must send them your device ID , they want to make sure your not installing the apps on your device.
  • and how do you do that?
  • The advertising agency will publish specific instructions for each service (ad campaign).
    Read the instructions carefully as not all ads accept push notifications.

  • Adtomatik is also an ad network. I've been using it for a year and the result couldn't be better. The best service. I totally recommend it.
  • adzonal is a good adnetwork which pay in time.since i am usig it for last 5 months
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