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Hi people, I just wanted to ask you for an advice


I have been making apps with the youtbue playlist, and have been making good looking apps, these are TV series apps, but several times, the guy with the account that uploaded the video has been banned, or the Company of the series have block the seasons of the show and I start to receiving bad reviews because of the video problems.

It is a bit frustrating that I look for the videos and few weeks later they can not be played.

Does anyone have the same problems? What do you have done? Do you have an alternative to YouTube and you run it on your App? Any advice?



  • @djlfpro21: A friend of mine also got his account banned, but the problem was, that he was using copyrighted images and terms in apps titles. You better stop doing these and focus on something else.

    Btw, how was he able to open new accounts? Did he use proxy servers, another credit card, etc.?
  • No, I don´t know if the manager of the account opened another one, I just made playlist of videos on YouTube, but I don´t know who is the owner of the account.

    @hendrixs you have been making a good money with apps, any advive in other catergory, I was aminly doing free YouTube video apps, but this is a problem, I don´t have any other idea, tha´t was my Million dollar idea, lol.

  • @djlfpro21: My best advice would be to browse the top categories and re-make apps on top lists, which you can do with Andromo.
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