My Tapgage earnings after 10,000 impressions and 3,000 clicks, so you get an idea of what to expect



  • Yes, they are still alive and paying. Just got my August payment yesterday.

  • OK, the site works fine now.
  • Hi Hendrixs,

    What sort of apps do you develop? Just interested in looking at different areas and ideas...
  • Hi, Chewz. I do info apps. I look at the charts, see what's popular, and if I can, a do a similar thing. Also, I buy custom coded games.
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    However, I' much more interested in what @doug2005 does. :) It seems he found a great niche on Amazon. I too have one app, which is doing good, and Amazon even emailed me, because they wanted to feature it as App of The Day. According to them, on average, such a promotion gets you 150.000 download in that day on average.

    But I had to decline, because my app is streaming some MP3's from my HostGator hosting, and that would probably kill the account.

    EDIT: the MP3's are of course legal. I've bought them in a batch from a site which sells these kinds of things.
  • tapgage not working for me either loads of clicks no payment bottom line
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