Free App - What does this mean

The first app is free does this mean i can download the app and upload it to google play myslef, or will Andromo put it on google play for me? or am i only allowed to build the app but i need to pay Andromo to launch on play

I dont understand what one free app means 

Thanks Mark


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    Andromo is a web page were you can make android apps, that´s it, it does not have anything to do with Google Play.

    Once you build an App you have to upload it by yourself in Google Play using your Developer account (the license fee that you paid $25 to Google so you could upload apps).

    And free apps means an apps that does not charge anyone to be downloaded, and paid apps are the one that you or anyone have to paid something to be downloaded.

  • @markholland8 that is what it says on the Pricing page. Why don't you try it out. If you do get 1 free app, it means you will be able to build your 1 app and then be able to download its APK.

    After that, you will need to upload it separately to Google Play (need to pay fee of $25) or other app stores
  • Alright it means the 1st app will be revenue share where half the AD space is Andromo and half will be yours. If you pay for subscription then the AD space will be fully yours to put any ADs you want in it.
  • Thanks Guys thats all the help i needed.
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