Using TM and R names in app titles

What do you guys think, is it OK to use titles like "U400 Guide" (which would be a guide for Lenovo U400 laptops), or "Optimus G PRO Guide" and for example "Sims 3 Guide".

I think it's OK because it falls under "Fair use trademark law" ( Also, here is another good explanation:

As long as there are absolutely no copyrighted images included, these kind of apps should be fine. What do you think? Please share your opinions. Thanks.

EDIT: I've thought of this after djlfpro21 kindly warned us about Google Play banning accounts for copyright infringements.


  • The more popular the product, the greater chance of ban. I know from my own exp. so its best to change the title a little bit. Fair use or not Google isn't fair, so be careful buddy.
  • It's best to avoid using a corporate name or brand name in the title. A model name is better. And avoid using "manual," "guide," and such names. Instead of using the title "Ford Explorer Manual," use a title such as "Using the Explorer" or "Driving the Explorer" or "Drive Anywhere with the Explorer" or "Drive Safely with Your Explorer." Trademarks can be arty symbols, but they can also be just words. You don't want to include tranemarks in your title.

    Copyright is a different issue. Titles aren't copyrightable. You can us any title you want to even if someone else has used it. But that doesn't mean you can use a trademarked word in your title.
  • @sinc: Thanks, sinc. So, basically, I should be fine by using something like "Tips for Using Nexus 10" and with absolutely no copyrighted images and a disclaimer, that the app is unofficial? What about games? Something like "Best Cheats for FC3" (Far Cry 3) - and again, with no copyrighted images at all.

    The funny thing is that I saw a lot of "guide" apps on iTunes for iPhones and even if they approve each app manually, many of them got deleted over time. There are also "Minecraft Cheats" on Amazon all over the place and they too approve apps manually.
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