How many Apps do you have running?

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I recently finished my 11th app, and was curious, How many apps do you have running?

I wanted to get 100 finished before the end of year and wanted to see if anyone with those types of numbers, gets any trouble from GooglePlay concerning quantity limits.

I know with Google, by the time you see you violated any new/old policies, your goose is usually cooked.

Just wanted to see if Google had any policies or violations for having "too many" apps. My plan was to ramp this up big time but I always tread lightly whenever Google is controlling the switch and can shut accounts down overnight. I contacted support forums on Google and one poster replied he didn't think there was an issue with 100's of apps.

Anyone have a large amount of apps running on GooglePlay?



  • I've seen dozens of developers with 100+ apps and no problem there. But, by saying that, I think that we all are obligated to post apps with at least some quality. Otherwise people will start to complain, and since Google likes quality, they could impose super strict rules, like Apple did.
  • Wow, this is a totally wrong idea of creating apps. Your goal should not be 'finish the 100th app before the end of the year'. It should be: 'create such a good app that thousands of active users use it every day'.
    Do not fill Google Play with such a bad apps. 

    Co'mon man! Create quality apps. That's the only way to earn good money. Such a shame...
  • Mobilegameplay, never said my apps were bad or poor quality. I have received 5 star ratings and comments on my apps and don't have any intention on building garbage. Just because I have the ability to make apps fast, doesn't always imply they are of poor quality or crap.
  • lol ameliaapp well said :)

    Its an interesting point however. Would five quick apps generate more revenue then one app with five times the work. one of my projects threatens to be so complex I won't know how to market
  • @clwydian, I recently built the 11 sites and had to work on other projects, when i came back i noticed a nice little residual income from these in just their first week. So I imagined if I had 10x the sites, should be able to do 10x the revenue, passively!!!! That excited me. Maybe a few will be rock stars, but, thats for the visitors to determine. I figure worst case, as I get on my journey the quality will only improve, as my passive income! ;)
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