Dashboard Background Image doesn't fill Landscape Width?

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I uploaded a full-size 2400x2400 background image into both portrait and landscape backgrounds, but I found that it only fills the center 50% of the horizontal width of the landscape background.  This looks really, frankly, crappy.  I saw this in some of your featured apps and thought that they just hadn't uploaded a landscape image but we're seeing the same thing.  It appears that you scale the vertical height of the image to fill the vertical space in both portrait and landscape.  I believe you should be doing that in portrait, but scaling to fill the horizontal space in landscape.  It just makes it look amateurish as is.  I'm experimenting to see the behavior with a tiled image and hoping that that fills the screen in both modes.


  • Hi,

    How you go about this really depends upon what you want in the background. The settings we've offered do accommodate different design ideas. If your background image is of the kind that you want the entire image shown, you're best bet is to design different background images for each orientation - landscape and background. So instead of having square images, you may want more of a 4:3 aspect ratio for each of the separate images, one specifically designed for each.

    The alignment and margin settings just below the image settings might have been something you've missed that you'll want to take a look at and play with. For example, you can center the images for both, fit the screen width, fit the screen height etc. You can use these settings to control the visibility of the relevant areas of your background image in the different orientations.

    Hope that makes sense.


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