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what's the SP on the Admob changes. can I accept the 'upgrade' without fretting?


  • I updated mine this morning when I was half asleep. Now I can't add admob monetisation to an ad I have just built because the andromo wont accept the code the new admob generates. I am sure the chaps will sort it though, they usually do. I would wait a bit if I were you.
  • oh ok cheers you are a star.... mind you i shallnt be buying a Porshe soon...

    quick plug: using Devandy on android to check this list lol
  • As an aside will (when working) Amazon andromo apps work with admob if compiled for Kindle?

    Although much more expensive to code for I seem to shift more apps on Amazon. Maybe because its a smaller pond or something?
  • Hi Guys,

    For anyone that has gotten an upgrade notice in their AdMob account recently, we would advise you not to upgrade yet. I don't know for sure, but I believe the update is only available to people in the United Kingdom at this point in time. We haven't gotten a notice here yet, and are still looking into how the update affects Andromo apps. We'll let you know when we know more.

  • Thanks for that. The non upgraded site still seems to work
  • This week we've been looking into the new AdMob changes that were rolled out to people in the UK (so far), and yes they have changed their interface and the ID for your app. Basically the "Publisher ID" has been changed to what's called an "Ad unit ID" which is a different format.

    As a result we released a minor web update yesterday afternoon to loosen the validation on Andromo's AdMob Publisher ID field, so you should be able to enter the new format ID for your new apps if you've already upgraded, and it does appear to work and show data.

    We'll be updating Andromo in the future with all the proper information/instructions, so it's up to you if you want to upgrade your account or not. It still may be worth holding off until we have a complete update available though, as it may make for a smoother transition.

    Note: For anyone that has updated, the Banner option is the only one we currently support, interstitials won't work.

  • @Darryl: We are able to use AdMob's interstitials?
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    As mentioned in my previous post, "the Banner option is the only one we currently support, interstitials won't work".

    That may be something we ad in the future though.

  • Something we 'Ad'.....  ho ho 
  • I have gotten an upgrade email yesterday, so it's not only UK anymore (I am based in Austria).
    Do you have an estimate when you have the complete update available?

    P.S. Would be great if the interstitials would be something you add in the very, very near future :-)
  • I got the upgrade here in the USA also
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    @darryl: Sorry, I misunderstood. :) I thought they worked before, but after the update, they won't work. ;) But I was pretty sure that we can't use interstitials.

    If this is something you can add, please consider adding it, because the people I know that use them, are very happy with the eCPM and everything. AdMob is king, when it comes to ads, some people also like RevMob and Chartboost, but I don't know much about those.
  • "We'll be updating Andromo in the future with all the proper information/instructions" - See more at:

    Please if you can make a tutorial teaching how to monetize my ads from now on with the new Admob, I would be very thankful.
    Second, is there any way to monetize with Millenial Media?  Millenia asked me to download "integrate SDK or API" and I am supposed to put many codes in the app.
    But I really don't know where to put it. I am very lost.
    I like the fact that with Andromo I don't need to write codes; I hope I can still make apps without writing codes. 

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    Now that we have access to all of AdMob's new information, anyone that's on the fence about upgrading can safely do so if they wish. They have an upgrade guide and all the instructions needed to go through the process, as well as how to add new apps in their interface etc. The only difference from an Andromo stand point is that you'll want to use the "Ad unit ID" now instead of the previous "Publisher ID" in Andromo's "AdMob Publisher ID" field. It currently supports both ID formats for new and legacy.

    The earliest an update will happen for AdMob is next week and will likely happen in two stages, the first being updating the SDK to the latest available (even though our current version does work with their new interface) along with updated help document and minor interface changes. The second stage will be investigating additional features of theirs we can expose (such as interstitials).

    Yes, we'll definitely be looking at their interstitials and what's involved in the integration into Andromo.

    Yes, I'm actually working on a knowledge base article currently for the new process in AdMob's new interface. However you'll also find complete details about how to do it in their new help info, which is quite good, so you'll want to check that out.

    No, I'm sorry there's currently no way to use Millenial Media (or any other ad SDK) in your app. SDK integration needs to be done on our side and built into the code.

    And an additional thanks goes out to you for your AdMob assistance during the UK only access period.
  • Thanks Darryl! 
  • Well I have transferred. well kind of. my old balance remains in the old account. my new balance is in uk money not dollars but im only making a third of what I was #puzzled
  • @clwydian: This sounds serious. Try contacting them, if nothing else, and please report back, what was/is the issue.
  • I have asked - and am waiting.  The income is climbing from its lower than was base.
  • According to a couple posts on the AdMob forums, they rolled out a fix on the 9th related to fill rates lower than usual after upgrading, which may be what you experienced:
  • Thanks for that. I do need to get up the learning curve however. The daily predicted return isregularly four times the actual return which to my mind makes it a bit pointless. I'm even wondering if this is a strategy to increase their own profitability rather than function.... OK surely not eh
  • Ah. Part of my confusion is admob doesn't run to GMT when deciding a day ends. I'll get my coat.
  • @darryl after I upgrade my Admob account by following the guide provided, will I have to update my existing apps? I worry that after upgrading, all my existing apps will stop functioning or stop serving ads.
  • @ghazaly: I have upgraded my AdMob and I didn't have to change anything - the ads are still working fine, not only that, my earnings are up 20-30%. I don't understand why and how, but they are... I just hope it's not some kind of error. :)
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